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Animal feed should contain all nutrients needed to grow muscle, bone, internal organs, fat and feathers including macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and micronutrients or supplement (minerals and vitamins).

The strategic objective of our supplements division is to provide the veterinary market with a complete range of highly technical supplements, destined for animal feed. The product range exists of an ideal mix of distribution products.

Continuous updating of our supplements range, meeting the ever changing demands of the market is achieved by constant sourcing of our product portfolio through our network of local technical experts, skilled in animal nutrition and husbandry.


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Disinfection is a process by which most or nearly all microorganisms are killed through the use of chemicals, heat, or ultraviolet rays. It is important to recognize that disinfectants play a critical role in infection control.

We are proud to bring top performing and professional cleaning products for a wide variety of applications to the veterinary market. Our mission is to contribute to a cleaner environment and future for our customers and consumers.

All our products undergo extensive quality control and safety tests, offering our customers highest possible efficacy, combined with convenient product application and low environmental impact, with fair prices as well. We are at your service!



Feed Additives

‘’A balanced approach to nutrition is the key to optimum growth’’, this is our technical strategy theory.

We produce and offer a complete range of veterinary feed additives using the best quality ingredients that meet the international market demands and deliver your goods on time.

Our Feed Additives division, together with our research and development department, is constantly exploring new opportunities. Innovation is fundamental in our organization, and its specialists constantly search for new products, new markets and new applications. We offer also as well the opportunity of promising new products that meet our customer aspiration through an industry-leading pipeline.

Our multilingual sales and support teams are at your service. 


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Veterinary Medicinal

Antimicrobials represent nowadays an inevitable and urgent solution in many animal production sectors and countries. Animal antibiotics make our food supply safer and people healthier. Antibiotics are a critical tool to prevent, control and treat disease in animals. In doing so, they also reduce the chance of bacterial transmission from animals to humans.

At Malven, we are committed to offer a range of antimicrobials that are safe for animals, the environment and the consumer. Our antimicrobials meet stringent government regulations and food safety requirements as well as providing a positive economic return for farm animal production.

We are proud to offer a range of antimicrobials enabling our clients to buy all they need in this sector in a one-stop shop.


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Vitamins and minerals play major roles in the metabolic functions of poultry. Certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids are so vital that they are called “essential” nutrients. Even though the amounts required are usually small, bird will sicken or die without any one of these essential nutrients.

Also, because of the variations in the content, availability, stability, and ingredients interaction, premixes should be formulated to assure adequacy, rather than just satisfying for bird.

We offer a comprehensive range of premixes to all bird live sectors (starter, grower and finisher), or bird productivity (meat or egg). All our products are specifically developed and formulated to optimize animal health, productivity and the profitability of their operations.


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Herbal Products

Herbal medicinal products are medicinal products where the active ingredient consists exclusively of herbal substances or herbal preparations, such as powders, extracts, distillates and press juices, obtained by processing herbal substances.

Indeed, herbal and botanical sources form the origin of as much as 30% of all modern pharmaceuticals. Herbs are recommended for a wide range of disorders, ranging from digestive ailments to inflammatory conditions, antioxidant and immune support.

All our herbal products are manufactured strictly in compliance with GMP regulations and based on the pharmaceutical standards. We have extensive global market presence to export our products. At present, our herbal products, together with other products are exported to some Middle East countries and we are focused to further expand our export business in potential markets all across the globe.


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